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WiFi Lightbulbs – are here

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Dim those lights! Each has an IP address.

What’s the IP address for that lightbulb? NXP, a Netherlands-based semiconductor company has invented Greenchip technology that will be in many Wi-Fi connected lightbulbs on sale by early 2012. What? WiFi lightbulbs? Well, crazy as it sounds, it will let you “talk” to the lightbulb – for example from a smartphone or iPad or laptop. Not home? No bother. Bring up the IP Manager for your house and turn on all the lights, or dim the front room and boost the upstairs.

Thanks to microchips and the new ‘limitless’ range of IP addresses under the IPv6 protocol, it won’t be long before the fridge really does talk to Tesco’s. This is a world emerging faster than Bill Gates millions. And he’s the man who turned his house into an experimental electronic abode. How that plays out in the everyday world remains to be seen. But we can expect some dazzling light show examples in the next couple of years.

It may be too much fiddly technology for the average person, but the ability to micro-control all the lights in your place opens up all sorts of creative potential. Lighting designers are going to have a fantastic new toolkit. At home WiFi lightbulbs could save you money too, because you don’t need to waste it if you’re not around to enjoy it… just open your smart device and turn ’em down!

For the whole-r story, go to FastCompany’s website here. Ten years ago FastCompany was the fattest internet/interactive magazine in the world. It still publishes interesting and breaking tech, social and marketing news. Enjoy!

Social Media for Business

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

"How to Profit from Social Media" Chambers InBusiness magazine Spring 2011


I teamed up with Eoin Kennedy of Slattery Communications for this brief but comprehensive overview article – just published in Chambers Ireland’s InBusiness magazine. Click here to read the full 4-page article online. You’ll find Eoin’s blog here and Chambers website here. Enjoy!

SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOW THE MAINSTREAM. No longer the territory of nerds and techies. Globally it has come of age. However, the idea that social media marketing can be achieved by tinkering for a few hours online is entirely false. While it is easy for individuals to engage, making social media work for business requires knowledge, skill and insight. Social media is the public space and for companies wanting to leverage this new market, real expertise is needed. It requires clear aims and clever thinking to get good results.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr and are all social media portals. Facebook is by far the largest with over 500 million daily users worldwide, including 1.5 to 1.9 million in Ireland. Social media is where we find the majority of people hanging out these days, where users share news, photos and gossip with friends and colleagues. It has spread all over the globe and is ever present.

In the social media world it is the public who rule the airwaves. It hasn’t taken long for businesses to realise that’s a lot of people and a vast potential market. In the past couple of years we have seen huge growth in social media campaigns, from some of the largest global brands to some of the very clever smaller companies too.

The term ‘going viral’ belongs to social media and is the Holy Grail when ‘talking up’ your brand, product or project. It can spread instantly around the globe. But how do you ensure that your message stays on track and doesn’t backfire? This has already led to a new service offering called reputation management and is changing how the public and media relationship works.

To read how you can make Social Work for your business – click here to read the full 4-page article online. InBusiness is published quarterly by Chambers Ireland – click here for website. To view the InBusiness magazine archives – click here.